Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Wednesday Comics

The Twilight Zone #37 (May, 1971)
"The Man-Beast of Paris"
Script: Paul S. Newman
Pencils & Inks: Luis Dominguez
Cover: George Wilson


  1. That cover! Awesome.

    The stories inside rarely live up to the cover. (Don't forget the back cover, too, where it's just the painting without the text.) This one's a lot of fun, though. I like how the clue is "the man-beast found the EXACT kill point of the throat!" Naturally!

    great stuff.

    1. You're right about those covers. How could you see that on the stand and not pick it up? The stories were simple but fun and I have a real nostalgia for that Bronze Age content. Gold Key (and Dell) knew the importance of the covers and some of these are the best of the era.