Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day

Spend Veterans Day in the Twilight Zone and honor all of the brave men and women that have served our country in times of conflict. Here are links to all of the war episodes we have covered so far here in the Vortex, in order of original air date.

A passenger on an ocean liner during World War II gets the uneasy feeling that the ship is doomed in Rod Serling's eerie thriller, "Judgment Night"

A WWI pilot who fled a chance at heroism is given an opportunity for redemption in Richard Matheson's time travel fantasy "The Last Flight."

A war-weary lieutenant is given the terrible gift of foresight in Rod Serling's melancholy fantasy "The Purple Testament."

A WWII pilot is transported into a nightmare in Rod Serling's unnerving episode, "King Nine Will Not Return."

Two survivors from opposing sides of a world-ending war try and find hope among the ashes in Montgomery Pittman's tense and touching episode "Two."

Two survivors of the Civil War meet at an eerie crossroads in Rod Serling's haunting and dream-like episode "The Passersby."

The sadistic commander of a concentration camp during WWII gets his comeuppance in Rod Serling's frightening revenge tale "Deaths-head Revisited."

Confederate soldiers receive a lesson in war and witchcraft in Rod Serling's adaptation of Manly Wade Wellman's "Still Valley."

A brash young lieutenant is made to understand the value of human life in Rod Serling's affecting WWII fantasy "A Quality of Mercy."

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